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Just like high blood pressure and diabetes are diseases, so is an addiction. Addiction causes changes in the brain that can lead to a person seeking out drugs and/or alcohol, even when these substances have caused them great personal and professional harm. Repeatedly using a drug or drinking alcohol to excess causes changes in a person's brain that cause them to continually pursue the "reward" of continuing their drug abuse. Addiction Treatment in Rockford can help guide you toward recovery.

According to the American Society of Addiction, medicine, some of the chief characteristics associated with addiction include:

  • Inability to stop using drugs and/or alcohol without professional intervention
  • Inability to control one's behavior when it comes to using drugs
  • Experiencing cravings for drugs and/or alcohol when they are not using the substance
  • Being unable to recognize that a person's behavior and drug use has become a problem.
  • Experiencing problems with one's interpersonal relationships

A person who struggles with addiction will constantly go through cycles of remission, where they may stop using drugs or alcohol for a temporary period. However, without professional intervention, a person will often relapse. This is why addiction treatment in Rockford is so important -- it can help to break the cycle of addiction that a person goes through.

Why Does One Become an Addict?

Some people are at greater risk for addiction than others. These are known as risk factors for addiction. Having these risk factors does not necessarily mean a person will become addicted to drugs and alcohol, but it does mean they are more likely than other people. For example, men are more likely to be addicted to drugs than women. However, women are more likely to become addicted more quickly.

Difficult Childhoods: Children who are exposed to drugs at an early age and who have parents who struggle with substance abuse are more likely to experience substance abuse themselves. If a child lives in poverty, they are at an increased risk for addiction. Lack of attachment or failure to nurture a child on the part of the parents also increases a child's risk.

Associating With Others Who Abuse Drugs: According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, for adolescents, associating with others who abuse drugs is the greatest risk factor for drug dependence and delinquent behavior. Those who hang out with others who abuse drugs may find it difficult to resist abusing drugs themselves.

History of Mental Health Disorders: Those who have a serious mental health disorder, such as depression or post-traumatic stress disorder, are at greater risk for drug addiction. Sometimes people who have a mental health disorder will use drugs as a means of self-medication.

Using a Highly Addictive Drug: While all drugs are addictive, some drugs are known to be more addictive than others. Examples of these drugs include cocaine, methamphetamines, or painkilling medications.

However, it's possible that a person may have none of these risk factors, yet still develop an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. This illustrates that addiction knows no bounds of age, gender, or socioeconomic status. All people can experience a drug addiction, just as all people can benefit from drug and alcohol rehab in Rockford.

Why Should I Enter an Addiction Treatment Center?

Addiction Treatment in Rockford can encompass many programs, all designed to offer professional and evidence-based treatments to help a person overcome their drug and alcohol addiction. Examples of these services include medical detox in Rockford. This process allows a person to withdraw from taking drugs and alcohol with the help of medical professionals. Because quitting taking a drug can cause withdrawal symptoms that range from mild to potentially deadly, seeking a drug and alcohol treatment program is one way to be safe in withdrawing and maintaining sobriety afterward.

Other services can include professional counseling, which can help a person learn mental outlook and behaviors that can lead to a healthier lifestyle. Sometimes a person's family will participate in the counseling as well as means to help rebuild damaged friend and family relationships.

Participation in self-help groups and 12-step programs are other services associated with programs for addiction treatment. These programs have helped thousands of people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction to prevent a relapse from occurring.

The decision to enter an addiction treatment center is not an easy one. However, any person struggling with drug and/or alcohol abuse can benefit from addiction treatment in Rockford. Through professional support and programs, a person can learn how to break the physical and mental addictions associated with abusing a particular substance or substances. Call Rockford Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers now for help (877) 804-1531.

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